ジムカーナ Gymkhana (Autocross)




Gymkhana is a time-attacking competition in which drivers navigate one at a time through a course defined by traffic cones. In many other countries it is also known as autocross. Within two tries, you will need to drive as fast as you can on the best racing line on a track which won’t be revealed until the morning of a trackday.

To excel in this motorsport, you will need to master techniques like handbreak 180/360 and zigzag driving. While the speed is relatively low, the challenging side of gymkhana is the requirement of high level of concentration on the track combined with precision maneuvering.

ダートトライアル Dirt Trial (Rallycross)




As the name suggests, rallycross is a similar motorsport to autocross except for the road surface being completely unpaved.

Drifting at high speed with mud and stones flying towards your chassis is why everyone loves this motorsport. As brutal and wild as it sounds, the technique behind the steering wheel is way more sophisticated than you could ever imagine.

ラリー Rally




If you ask any petrolhead for the maddest FIA motorsport, the answer has to be WRC, or the World Rally Championship, and that is how fascinating Rally is. Driving on mixed open roads not at the speed limit but the car’s limit, racing drivers need to focus on the road while processing navigation information from their co-drivers.

ドリフト Drift




You do realize there is the word “Tokyo” in our school’s name, right?

  • Drift across the Shibuya Scramble (walking distance from our garage) in modified RX7 and 350Z after school finishes
  • Drift (or crash) all the way up to the top floor of a multi-story car park
  • Go to Mountain Akina to do important tofu delivery and come back before the 1st period
  • *Insert Eurobeat meme*
  • *Insert Rage Your Dream meme*

while in reality these things don’t really happen (if you happen to see one please call 911110 immediately), competitive drifting can probably still be called the motorsport of Japan. As flamboyant as it may seem in movies, while off stage drifting needs incredible commitment to learn and practice.

That aside though, drifting is within our reach.