新入生紹介④/Freshman Self-introduction




海外で”JDM Heaven”と呼ばれている大黒PA


Just in case of anyone from PEAK / USTEP is reading this blog (and somehow made it all the way to this blog written in English) I will briefly tell you guys about me and us, the UTokyo Automobile Club (UTAC).

So my name is Zhijie Zhan and people usually call me George (as it is basically impossible for most foreigners to pronounce my Chinese name correctly). You can think of me as an average Chinese student in America except for the fact that I am here now in Tokyo. Born and bred in Shanghai, I did AP in high school and was accepted into UTokyo last year through the PEAK program (ES track).

As the only foreigner in the UTokyo Automobile Club (as of now) I really wish you guys (presumably petrol heads) reading this blog could be joining us. I can guarantee you that everyone is nice. Everyone is willing to help. Everyone speaks … JK, not everyone speaks English but there is a decent number of English speakers. As long as you have some basic ideas about how Japanese clubs are like (through anime/manga), I can assure you that you will enjoy your life here.

Isn’t it, Chris?